The Peel Inn is a gold rush pub. It was built by William McIlveen in 1860 after the discovery of the precious metal at Hanging Rock. William no doubt hoped to grow prosperous as prospectors spent their money in his establishment. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned. Not long after opening his pub, he lost it in a card game. The new owner was John Schofield. Fourth generation publican Robert Schofield has run the hotel for the past 53 years with his wife Margaret. The exterior has remained largely unchanged over the past century. It retains the frontier charm of the gold rush days, with decorative iron work, a Wunderlich tin-lined balcony and six metre deep verandah.

The Peel Inn has been a friendly drinking hole for locals and a welcoming destination for travellers for more than 150 years. The hotel is located in the must-see village of Nundle, on a loop road south east of Tamworth and 40 kilometres from the New England Highway. Nundle is a great place for family outings, with lots to see and do. It is also a favourite destination among cyclists, motorcycle and car enthusiasts, who revel in the beautiful countryside, a drink and good food.

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